The World of Jack London
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  1. "The Banks of the Sacramento"The Youth's Companion, v. 78 (March 17, 1904), 129-130. [DC]

    London originally titled this story "On the Banks of the Sacramento". He received $75 for it on September 26, 1903.

  1. The Faith of Men and Other Stories — New York: The Macmillan Co., April 1904. [FM]


  1. "White and Yellow"The Youth's Companion, v. 79 (February 16, 1905), 73-74. [TFP]

    To the Corresponding Editor of The Youth's Companion, on March 9, 1903, London wrote: "The way we captured the big Chinese fleet of shrimp-fishers in the first story 'White and Yellow' [is] again almost a literal narrative of what actually happened, even to the refusal of the Chinese to bail the Reindeer until she was just about ready to sink." (Letters of Jack London, p. 349.) London originally titled this story "With the Fish Patrol". He received $75 for it on May 7, 1902.

  2. "The King of the Greeks"The Youth's Companion, v. 79 (March 2, 1905), 97-98. [TFP]

    London received $75 for this story on July 5, 1902.

The World of Jack London
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