The World of Jack London
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Jack London 1876-1916
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  1. "The House of Mapuhi"McClure's Magazine, v. 32 (January 1909), 247-260. [SST]

    London received $500 for this story on November 30, 1908.

  2. "The Seed of McCoy"The Century Magazine, v. 77 (April 1909), 898-914. [SST]

    London received $750 for this story on March 22, 1909.

  3. "The Madness of John Harned"Lady's Realm (London), v. 26 [May-October, 1909], 570-581. [NB]

    The month and issue number for Lady's Realm for this story and "Aloha Oe" (entry 110) are not known. The reference librarian at the Wilson Library, University of Minnesota, writes: ". . . we are unable to give you the month and issue number for each reference; there is no separation of issues, and the pagination is continuous within each volume. No month or issue number is indicated. Volume 25 contains 736 pages and volume 26 contains 672 pages. The title page for each volume indicates that volume 25 covers the period November 1908 to April 1909, and volume 26 covers May to October 1909." Joseph Gaer, in his Jack London, Bibliography and Biographical Data (New York: Burt Franklin, 1970, originally published in 1934), erroneously lists this tale as having first appeared in Everybody's Magazine, November 1910. The story derived from London's experience of watching a bullfight in Quito, Ecuador. He received £15.15 for it on December 1, 1909.

  4. "South of the Slot"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 181 (May 22, 1909), 3-4, 36-38. [SST]

    Arthur Calder-Marshall says that "South of the Slot" shows the split in London's nature, the conflict between the call of the wild and the domestication of civilized man seen in terms not of the dogs Buck and White Fang, but of an academic sociologist and a militant trade union leader, combined in one person. See Calder-Marshall, The Bodley Head Jack London, I, 15. This story was the basis of a three-act play by London and Walter H. Nichols, "The Common Man," later revised as "The Damascus Road" (1913). London received $675 for this story on April 6, 1909.

  5. "Good-bye, Jack"The Red Book Magazine (Chicago), v. 13 (June 1909), 225-240. [HP]

    London received $100 for this story.

  6. "The Chinago"Illustrated London News, v. 134 (June 26, 1909), 928-931. [WGL]

    See also entry 96. Martin Johnson says London, on April 25, 1908, read this story aloud to the Snark crew en route from Bora Bora to the Samoas. (Through the South Seas with Jack London, p. 223.) London received $500 for the story.

  7. "The Sheriff of Kona"The American Magazine, v. 68 (August 1909), 384-391. [HP]

    London received $250 for this story on March 4, 1909.

The World of Jack London
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