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Jack London at Wake Robin Lodge, Glen Ellen, CA.
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  1. "The Goat Man of Fuatino"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 184 (July 20, 1911), 12-15, 35-38. [SS]

    This story appears as "The Devils of Fuatino" in SS. London received $750 for the story on May 29, 1911.

  2. "The Stampede to Squaw Creek"Cosmopolitan, v. 51 (August 1911), 356-368. [SB]

    Compare to "Thanksgiving on Slav Creek" (entry 34). London received $750 for this story on March 25, 1911.

  3. "The Mexican"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 184 (August 19, 1911), 6-8, 27-30. [NB]

    London received $750 for this story on June 26, 1911.

  4. "Shorty Dreams"Cosmopolitan, v. 51 (September 1911), 437-446. [SB]

    This story was reprinted as "Shorty Has a Dream" in the November 1911 issue of (London) Nash's Magazine. London received $750 for it in April 1911.

  1. The Abysmal Brute — Complete in The Popular Magazine (New York), v. 21 (September 1, 1911), 1-35.

    Book publication: New York: The Macmillan Co., May 1913. The plot for this novelette was purchased by London from Sinclair Lewis on October 4, 1910, for $7.50, according to Franklin Walker in his "Jack London's Use of Sinclair Lewis Plots." The editors of Letters from Jack London say London used none of the plots bought from Lewis on October 4, 1910. (Letters from Jack London, p. 485.) On October 20, 1911, London wrote Lewis: "Frankly I don't know whether I'm making money or losing money by working up some of those short-story ideas from you. Take The Abysmal Brute for instance. I got $1200.00 for it, after it had been refused by the first-class magazines. Had the time I devoted to it been devoted to some Smoke Bellew or Sun Tales, I'd have got $3000 for the same amount of work." (Letters of Jack London, p. 1041.) London also said, however, in the same letter to Lewis, "Personally, despite the fact that it did not make a financial killing, I'm darned glad I wrote The Abysmal Brute."

  1. "A Little Account with Swithin Hall"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 184 (September 2, 1911), 12-14, 40-41. [SS]

    Of considerable interest in this David Grief story is the list of books Swithin Hall has on his island. Extrapolated, it gives a fair view of what London may have been reading in 1911. London received $750 for this story on May 29, 1911.

  2. "A Goboto Night"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 184 (September 30, 1911), 20-21, 65-66. [SS]

    For a discussion of this tale and of London's occasional use of detective story devices, see Dale L. Walker's Jack London and Conan Doyle: A Literary Kinship (Bloomington, Ind.: Gaslight Publications, 1981). London received $750 for this story on June 26, 1911.

The World of Jack London
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