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  1. South Sea Tales — New York: The Macmillan Co., October 1911. [SST]

  1. "The Man on the Other Bank"Cosmopolitan, v. 51 (October 1911), 677-688. [SB]

    This story appeared as "Tale Five, The Man on the Other Bank" in Cosmopolitan. London received $750 for it on May 26, 1911.

  2. "The Pearls of Parlay"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 184 (October 14, 1911), 9-11, 64-66. [SS]

    Eugene Burdick, in his Introduction to The Best Short Stories of Jack London (New York: Fawcett World Library, 1967), says London's description of a typhoon is masterful, an exercise in economy and the glancing insight.   . . . In the end London does the impossible: he makes the wind visible, gives it palpable character." For further evidence of London's descriptive power, see "The Heathen" (entry 122), and "The House of Mapuhi" (entry 115), as well as the young Jack London's "Story of a Typhoon Off the Coast of Japan" (1893). He received $750 for the story on July 11, 1911.

  3. "The Race for Number Three"Cosmopolitan, v. 51 (November 1911), 823-835. [SB]

    London's original title for this story was "The Race for Number One". He received $750 for it on June 24, 1911.

  4. "The End of the Story"Woman's World (Chicago), v. 27 (November 1911), 8-9, 29-32. [TT]

    Reprinted as "The Fearless One" in Jack London's Adventure Magazine. 1 (October 1958), pp. 5-20. London received $1000 for this story on September 26, 1911.

  5. "The Jokers of New Gibbon"The Saturday Evening Post, v. 184 (November 11, 1911), 18-19, 65-66. [SS]

    London received $750 for this story on May 29, 1911.

  6. "By the Turtles of Tasman"The San Francisco Call Monthly Magazine, November 19, 1911, pp. 8-10, 17-19. [TT]

    London received $1000 for this story.

  7. "The Little Man"Cosmopolitan, v. 52 (December 1911), 15-25. [SB]

    This story was reprinted as "The Story of the Little Man" in the February 1912 issue of Nash's Magazine (London). The author received $750 for it on September 11, 1911.

  8. "The Unmasking of the Cad"Monmouthshire (England) Weekly Post, December 23, 1911, p. 16. [CSS]

    This little tableau was published by the Tillotson Syndicate and Charmian London gives the first publication date as July 1899 (Book of Jack London, II, 398), but the present study has found no publication earlier than December 23, 1911. London received $6 for this story on July 1, 1899.

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