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  1. The Little Lady of the Big House — Serialized in Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 1915-January 1916.

    Book publication: New York: The Macmillan Co., April 1916. London thought this novel would be "a cleancut gem, even in serial form — a jewel of artistry." (Letters of Jack London, p. 1135.) For an evaluation of this long-neglected book, see "The Symbolic Triad in London's The Little Lady of the Big House," by Edwin B. Erbentraut, Jack London Newsletter, (September-December, 1970), pp. 82-89.


  1. The Turtles of Tasman — New York: The Macmillan Co., September 1916. [TT]

  1. "The Hussy"Cosmopolitan Magazine, v. 62 (December 1916),
    18-23, 94, 97, 99. [RO]

    London paid George Sterling $100 for the plot of this story. (Letter from Jack London to George Sterling, written from Honolulu, March 7, 1916, Huntington Library files.) Paying such a fee seems to confirm Mary Austin's view: "I have always suspected that Jack's buying of plots for short stories from any writer with more plots than places to bestow them was chiefly a generous camouflage for help that could not be asked or given otherwise." See Mary Austin's Earth Horizon (New York: The Literary Guild, 1932, p. 304).


  1. Jerry of the Islands — Serialized in Cosmopolitan Magazine, January-April 1917.

    Book publication: New York: The Macmillan Co., April 1917.

  1. "Man of Mine"Hearst's Magazine, v. 31 (February 1917), 11, 130-134. [OMM]

    Reprinted as "The Kanaka Surf" in OMM.

The World of Jack London
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