The World of Jack London
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When Alice Told Her Soul, Cosmopolitan magazine, March 1918.
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  1. "Like Argus of the Ancient Times"Hearst's Magazine, v. 31 (March 1917), 176-178, 214-216. [RO]

    Irving Stone says of this marvelous story that it shows London rearing up for a last show of strength. (Sailor on Horseback, p. 329.) Charmian London adds, ". . . Jack himself walks across some of the pages as young Liverpool." (Book of Jack London, II, 355.) Franklin Walker says London had read Jung's Psychology of the Unconscious (1916) when he introduced the idea of racial memory in John Tarwater's fever-dream sequence. (Jack London and the Klondike, p. 233.)

  1. Michael, Brother of Jerry — Serialized in Cosmopolitan Magazine, May-October 1917.

    Book publication: New York: The Macmillan Co., November 1917. In this book, London championed the end of the training of animals for the vaudeville stage. After its publication, Jack London Clubs sprang up across the country and in Europe and, according to Joan London, "By 1924 the Jack London Clubs throughout the world had a reported membership of four hundred thousand, and in the United States at least, animal acts had practically disappeared." (Jack London and His Times, 1968 edition, p. 363.)


  1. "When Alice Told Her Soul"Cosmopolitan, v. 64 (March 1918), 28-33,105-107. [OMM]

  2. "The Princess"Cosmopolitan, v. 65 (June 1918), 20-27, 145-149. [RO]

  3. "The Tears of Ah Kim"Cosmopolitan, v. 65 (July 1918), 32-37,136-138. [OMM]

  4. "The Water Baby"Cosmopolitan, v. 65 (September 1918), 80-85, 133. [OMM]

    Charmian London wrote that this, London's last written story, ". . . is clearly a symbolic representation of the Rebirth, the return to the Mother, exemplified by the arguments of the old Hawaiian Kohokumu." (Book of Jack London, II, 354.)

  1. Hearts of Three — London: Mills & Boon, Ltd., October 1918.

    First American edition: New York: The Macmillan Co., September 1920. This "frenzied fiction" movie scenario ran as a serial in Hearst's New York Evening Journal between May 12 and June 20, 1919. The Oakland Tribune magazine section also serialized it between August 31 and December 7, 1919. No film was ever made of it.

The World of Jack London
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