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  1. "The Minions of Midas"Pearson's Magazine (New York), v. 11 (May 1901), 698-705. [MF]

    In a letter to Cloudesley Johns, dated March 24, 1901, London indicates that this tale was originally directed to The Black Cat. (Book of Jack London, I, 337). It should be compared with "Goliah," entry 111. Philip S. Foner, in Jack London, American Rebel (New York: The Citadel Press, 1964, p. 46), says the story is revealing of London's limitations as a socialist thinker. And, Arthur Calder-Marshall cites the story as an example of London's pioneering the "political fable" in America. See The Bodley Head Jack London (London; The Bodley Head, 1963), I, 8. London received $100 for this story.

  2. "The God of His Fathers"McClure's Magazine, v. 17 (May 1901), 44-53. [GHF]

    This is an oddly violent story — perhaps the most violent in all of London's fiction — with moments of great descriptive beauty: "From an island on the breast of the Yukon a colony of wild fowl voiced its interminable wrongs, while a loon laughed mockingly back across a still stretch of river." The story was the basis of a one-act play of the same name, written by David Kimball in 1910. London originally titled this story "Sturges Owen, Apostate". He received $120 for it on February 26, 1900.

  3. "Chris Farrington: Able Seaman"The Youth's Companion, v. 75 (May 23,1901), 265-266. [DC]

    This is clearly an autobiographical story: Chris's ship is the Sophia Sutherland and Chris is Jack London. It is interesting to note that the tale contains, with slightly different wording, the opening lines of London's most famous short story — "To Build a Fire," (entry 108). He received $50 for this story on November 28, 1900.

  1. The God of His Fathers and Other Stories — New York: McClure, Philips & Co., May 1901. [GHF]

  1. "A Hyperborean Brew"Metropolitan Magazine (New York), v. 14 (July 1901), 85-96. [FM]

    London received $42.50 for this story.

The World of Jack London
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