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Jack London Woman of the Year
~ Tarnel Abbott ~

Photo of several past honorees
Tarnel Abbott

One of Jack London's great-granddaughters, her grandmother being Joan London, Tarnel Abbott is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, receiving her Masters Degree in Library and Information Science. Ms. Abbott has written, performed, and lectured about her famous great-grandfather, including an article in the Jack London Foundation Newsletter, a talk and slideshow on Flora Wellman at the 2011 Jack London Symposium in Santa Rosa, a multimedia performance at the 2012 Ankara (Turkey) International Theater Festival, and a talk and slideshow on London's political themes at the 2012 Fresno County Library Big Read. She participates in the Jack London Society's online discussion forum and continues her independent research on Jack London. She also helped Utah State University add to its Jack London collection. In the Jack London tradition, she pursues the topics of her time from a progressive perspective and is an unfaltering environmental, free speech, and political activist.

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