The World of Jack London
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Matriarch, Helen Marie Abbott
We had a nice visit with Helen in 1999 at her residence in Vallejo, CA. – webmaster

On April 7, 1900 Jack London married Bessie May Maddern. They had two children: Joan who was born January 15, 1901 and Bess (Becky) who was born October 20, 1902.

Joan London married Park Abbott, they had a son named Bart, who was born October 12, 1921, and died in 1991.

Helen was a Jack London fan long before she ever met and married Jack London's grandson Bart Abbott. Helen grew up in a Catholic orphanage in Chicago, came to California where she met Abbott and dated him for about six months before she found out he was Jack London's grandson. You can imagine her surprise when he told her!

Helen was a prolific and passionate artist, author and activist who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. She created beautiful paintings and wrote extensively. A fiery, independent spirit, Helen had a unique ability to befriend people and animals anywhere. Helen is survived by daughters, Kathleen Dalzell, Darcy Wilson, Chaney Delaire and Tarnel Abbott; sons, David Dalzell and Joseph Dalzell; stepdaughters, Julie Jaman and Jill Abbott.

We recommend you read the personal memoirs of Dr. Vil Bykov regarding Jack London's family (here on our site). In the Footsteps of Jack London

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