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Joan London 1901 – 1971

Joan London at 2523 Rose St., Berkeley, Ca., 1938, writing her father's biography, Jack London and His Times. Published by Doubleday & Company.

She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1921. Throughout the twenties and thirties she persued a varied career as lecturer and writer, including a number of "ghost" assignments.

In 1941 she went to work for the California State Federation of Labor Headquarters in San Francisco where she built a research library for the federation of labor. In addition to being a librarian and performing a variety of writing tasks, she became publications editor. In 1962 she retired but continued to write.

Joan London published essays, poems, short stories and a novel entitled, Sylvia Conventry. During the last few years of her life, Joan wrote two other books, one about the California farm labor movement co-authored by Henry Anderson: So Shall Ye Reap: The Story of Cesar Chavez & the California Farm Worker's Movement, which was published in 1971. Joan's other book, uncompleted memoir, Jack London and his Daughters, was published in 1990 with a forward by her son, Bart Abbott.

Suffering several years with cancer she died January 1971 at the age of 70 and was cremated. Her ashes were taken to their cabin in Yosemite.

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