Jack London's Ranch Album: A Pictorial Biography

Charmian London built the House of Happy Walls in 1919-1926; three years after Jack London's death.
The house is built similar to Wolf House in some ways, the spanish-style roof tiles and walls of field stone, for example, but is much smaller and more formal. She lived here from 1934 until 1945 whenever she was not traveling abroad or staying with relatives. After her death in 1955 at the age of 84, her will directed that the house be used as a memorial to Jack London and as a museum that would house the London collection of photographs and exhibits of the world-famous author. It also contains a park visitor center where you can purchase books by and about Jack London.
The Museum

Much of the furniture in the house was designed by the Londons and custom-built for use in Wolf House. The library is furnished with equipment from London's study. The big roll-top desk, the Dictaphone, and some of the other items on exhibit here appear in old photographs showing London at work. Upstairs in the museum you can view London's bed and nightstand just as it appeared at the cottage when he was alive. London's bedroom was on the sleeping porch of the cottage adjacent to his wife Charmian's sun porch.

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Note: Visitors to the museum can buy various books about Jack London in the gift shop, view a short movie of Jack London. From the museum one can take a short hike down a scenic path to the London's grave and from there on to the Wolf House ruins.

Jack London Trivia
One of London's favorite pastimes was kite-flying.
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