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Life and Jack London
The following fictionalized biography of Jack London was written by Rose Wilder Lane (1886-1968) and was serialized in eight monthly installments in Sunset The Pacific Monthly.
The Book of Jack London
A significant addition to our site: A Jack London biography written by his widow Charmian Kittredge London

Naturalism in London's Early Fiction
Dr. Earl J. Wilcox's excellent articles on literature naturalism first published in the Jack London Newsletter

Memories of Daddy
A three-part series on Becky's recollections of her famous father

Jack London's Poetry
A rare collection of Jack London poetry from the Dan Wichlan Collection.

Dr. Vil Bykov's Memoirs
This 41-chapter book, a personal memoir, describes Bykov's journey to where London lived and wrote, his interactions with London's descendants.

Charmian Kittredge London
Jack London's Second Wife

Jack London's writings
A collection of Jack London's novels, poems, plays, short stories, essays and his journalism.

The Kempton-Wace Letters
Letters were published in 1903, and they constitute one of the most interesting and curious books in the literature of love.

List of London's Books
Listing of all his published works including posthumously published material

Jack London: The Stories
Dale L. Walker's 20-part, 94,340-word series on Jack London's short fiction. Plot description, commentary, with extended critique on the more important of London's short stories.

The Fiction of Jack London
An updated version of the book, The Fiction of Jack London: A Chronological Bibliography, by Dale L. Walker, James Sisson and Daniel Wichlan.

• Jack London Biography
The first posthumous fictionalized biography of Jack London was written by Rose Wilder Lane
• Jack London's Writings
A comprehensive collection of Jack London's literature
• The 197 Short Stories of Jack London
The Complete Short Stories of Jack London
• Jack London Poems and Plays
List of Jack London Poems and Plays
• The Roamer Cruise
The Londons spent months aboard her
• Jack London's Death
The Death Controversy – Was it Suicide?
• The Gravesite
Jack and Charmian London's gravesite
Many photos of the London's and friends
• Ranch Dam photo III
Photo of dam and a picnic area
• Concrete Block Silos
Photo of concrete silos London built
• Beauty Ranch page I
Creating the Ranch
• Beauty Ranch page II
Experimental Ranch
• Beauty Ranch page III
Experimental Ranch
• The Old Winery Cottage
Ranch cottage where the London's lived
• Photo of Old Winery Ruins
The Old Kohler – Frohling winery ruins
• Wolf House page I
Text and photos of ruins
• Wolf House page II
Text and photos of ruins
• Land Parcels
A list of properties London purchased
• Pig Palace
Circular piggery London designed
• Museum
The House of Happy Walls Museum
• Directions
Address, map, directions to Beauty Ranch
• Ranch Dam photo I
For irrigation and recreation – applet
• Ranch Dam photo II
For irrigation and recreation – applet
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Selective links about London and related subjects
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A short biography of Jack London
• Biography Page II
A short biography of Jack London
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Chronology of London's Life
• John Griffith Chaney
Explores Jack London's parentage
• Eliza Shepard
Jack's stepsister and ranch superintendent
Bess Maddern, daughters Joan and Becky
• Birth Pangs of a Writer
There was no one to teach Jack London how to write
• 1899 The Busiest Year
Few wrote more steadily than Jack London
• Jack London: On Writing
London's thoughts and advice to aspiring writers
• Ina Coolbrith
Jack London's literary mother
• Becky London Fleming
Mini biography of Becky London
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