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The World of Jack London
Our Most Coveted Awards

THE very best awards are from students, educators, and yes, even a few scholars, as well as Jack London fans who email us relating how much they enjoy our site. These are the best awards; unsolicited comments.

The following represent but a few examples of the complimentary words we have received regarding our Jack London web site. We highly regard each and every one, and consider them as prized possessions

NOTE: The title of our site WAS, Jack London's Ranch Album, but the site has grown and now focuses on all aspects of London's life. It is now more appropriately entitled: THE WORLD OF JACK LONDON.

Award 1

Dear Mr. London,

Thank you for writing such wonderful books. I love each and everyone I read. I am in the 6th grade in Alabama. My reading teacher loves your books also. She is now read one at her home. Everyday she says "I can't wait to get home and finish reading the book I am reading by Jack London." We will also be reading a story by you tomorrow in our reading class. I don't remember which one it is.

The reason we are reading your books is because we are a TAG Reading Class. TAG means Talented and Gifted. Well sir, I don't want to keep you busy so I will leave (besides I have to do my reading homework).

Thank you very very much for writing such great books. Goodbye.


Award 2

Prentice Hall
Jack London's Ranch Album has been included in a new book. 'English Language Arts and Reading on the Internet – A Resource for K-12 Teachers' published by Merrill Prentice Hall. Co-authored by Dr James C Greenlaw of St Francis Xavier University and Dr Jazlin V. Ebenezer, University of Manitoba. The book has a 'screen shot' of your main page and lists useful criteria for the teacher. This site is considered to be useful for grade level 6 – 12 under young adult fiction.
[ View book cover ]
Dr. James C Greenlaw

Award 3
Jack London's Ranch Album offers a complete look at Jack London's life and works. Explore selected short stories and read chapters from London's famous books: 'The Call of the Wild,' 'White Fang,' and 'The Sea-Wolf.' View a complete list of his books by date and view old photos of his boat and world cruise. Special features include a view of London's original Remington Standard No. 7, a brief biography of his youngest daughter and an article about his death.
Kristy Calabria

Award 4
Perhaps nothing says more about a man than his home and his family. If so, this website, containing a thorough biography of Jack London, profiles of his parents and two wives and the memoirs of his daughter, says it all. An avid agriculturalist, London highly valued his ranch, and you can learn how he transformed a useless patch of ground into his own version of paradise. A truly comprehensive and helpful site.

Award 5

Jonathan West IMD
I have been a fan of Jack London's writing for many years and own many of his works, including 3 volumes of his letters. This is a beautifully designed site and I will visit it often.
Jonathan West
'Deep Space Nine' Star Trek episodes
Currently cinematographer on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Award 6

I know this will probably sound funny coming from a 10 year old but this info is a big help on doing reaserch. I go to West Hills Elm in Knoxville Tn and my priciple is doing a novel studie with us. We read Call of the Wild.

We also have to do a number of assignments and one of them is to reserch Jack London. This sight was a big help.
Thanks for providing this info!

Award 7

Bedford/St. Martin's
A lovingly developed and maintained site by a real London enthusiast. The site brings together a range of biographical information, most of it coming from Russ Kingman's A Pictorial Biography of Jack London. Loads of photographs are on view here. The site also provides a comprehensive list of links, including one to the Jack London Society.

Award 8
A spectacular site owned by David Hartzell, called Jack London's Homes, gives us photos and text of London's life under the title 'Jack London's Ranch Album.' Hartzell is a friend and colleague of Russ Kingman, a London biographer, also an important collector of London material, Kingman died in 1993.

Note: Janice Albert teaches at Chabot College, Hayward, California, and Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, California, and is also professor emeritus from Las Positas College.

Award 9

San Diego County Office of Education
Jack London Ranch Album: A wonderful resource on the writer and his works.

Award 10

The Jack London Online Collection

Dave Hartzell has created a major supplement to this site. It is well-integrated to incorporate biography, key figures in London's life, information about the ranch, essays, and informative illustrations, as well as London's key writings. Highly recommended for K-12 because of ease of exploration and inviting design.

Dr. Clarice Stasz
Sonoma State University
London scholar - author

Award 11

Wonderful site for details on the life and works of Jack London. Biographical information, photos and a complete listing of his books and short stories is provided, as well as some samples of his work, which includes "Call of the Wild," "White Fang," and "The Sea Wolf" in their entirety.

Award 12

I just finished reading the biography Jack London A Life by Alex Kershaw .. I have always heard of Jack London, but I had no idea what a special person he was. We should all be so alive!

Your site is most enjoyable and well done.I have especially enjoyed reading the writings of Becky and seeing the photos.

Award 13

Mr. Hartzell,

I appreciate your website on Jack London and find it very informative and interesting. I have used it for my own study of London before teaching The Call of the Wild to my class this year, and as you can see I have provided a link to it for my students to access on their own. Your site is very thorough, and the design is very pleasing to the eye. I wish you and your team the best of luck with your website project.

Thank you again,

Sarah Poll Gorman
English and Communications Instructor
Junior Bruin Spirit Squad Sponsor
Pulaski Academy Middle School

Award 14


I wanted to compliment you on your beautiful, well-arranged, content-rich site. I arrived here after surfing to the Huntington library site and following links that eventually led me to your site -- and I'm so glad I found it!

I have recently joined Jack London State Park as a docent, and your site is kind of a one-stop shop for facts we new docents would need to know before giving tours.

A web site is a perfect way to present all of your info, and every award you have received is very well-deserved.

Debbie C.

Award 15


I have something to tell you. At last nights JLF Board meeting you were unanimously chosen as this years recipient of the "Jack London Man of the Year Award." The award will be presented to you at the January 17th Jack London Birthday Banquet. You, and your wife's dinner, will be paid for as our special gift. So. . . .you better make plans to attend.

I'll be calling you within the next day, or so as I have to firm up the plans, making sure that you will accept the award, and that you can attend the Banquet.

Send me an email when you get this message.

Congratulations. . .you deserve this award, Raleigh

View all recipients of the Jack London Foundation "Man of the Year Award" Go

Award 16

Jim Goddard – script writer, and author of the screenplay "Jack & Charmian London"

Mr. Goddard took the time to sign our guest book and we consider that to be a sincere compliment!

Goddard is currently working on a novel based on the script, researched with Russ Kingman, whom Jim says, "was a TREMENDOUS help."

Award 17

This site is an excellent resource for students who want to read Jack London's books and to learn about his adventurous life. Among the texts students can read here in electronic form are The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf, and Selected Klondike Stories. They can also learn about the model farm that London was working on before he died at age of 40.

James C. Greenlaw
Saint Francis Xavier University

Award 18

What a delightful site for anyone wishing information on Jack London! This site offers about any information you could want about Jack London and his works. It is very nicely designed and well worth a visit.

Award 19

A well-integrated site to incorporate biography, key figures in London's life, information about the ranch, essays, and informative illustrations, as well as London's key writings. Highly recommended for K-12 because of ease of exploration and inviting design.
Alexa the web information co.

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