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The World of Jack London Team
Dave, Nate Hartzell and Winifred Kingman

Thanks for visiting our website!

For first time visitors, let me say the creation of this website has been a joint effort. It began many years ago with the help of my son Nathanael. He knew how to do HTML coding but I was the Jack London fan. At some point I learned enough about HTML that I could individually create pages etc. Then as time elapsed it took the generous assistance of many London enthusiasts and scholars to make the site what it is today.

The creation and maintenance of "The World of Jack London" has been fun, but the nice people we have met as a result of the website has given us the most satisfaction. Little did we realize at the inception of it all that we would cross paths with so many wonderful people who also were interested in Jack London! It has been our good fortune to meet some of the most notable and scholarly people in the field of Jack London studies.

We wish to acknowledge the following for their contributions: The late Russell and Winifred Kingman. In addition, Earle Labor, Vil Bykov, Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Jacqueline Tavernier-Courbin, Connie K. Johnson, Dale L. Walker, Daniel J. Wichlan, Daniel Dyer, James Williams, Susan Nuernberg, Clarice Stasz, Earl J. Wilcox, Sara S. Hodson and Harry James Cook. Also, Lou Leal, for his contribution, A Comparative Study of London's death. David Danz for sharing his model of Wolf House with us.

Also, we consider it a privilege to have met some of Jack London's family. Specifically: Jack London's daughter, Becky Fleming London. Helen Abbott and her daughters, Tarnel, and Chaney. Also Bruce Knight, and Milo Shepard.

We wish also to thank the teachers and students who make up the bulk of our visitors, seeking information on our favorite author. It has been their usage and feedback that makes it all worthwhile.

As with any website, there's always more to be done. Keep checking back and watch us grow!

David Hartzell

Jack London Educational Research Foundation, Inc.

Russ Kingman had an idea for promoting Jack London and it was a good one, he was instrumental in establishing the Jack London Educational Research Foundation, Inc. The Foundation discovered that young people are intrigued by the adventuresome life and works of Jack London. Taking advantage of this, to help expand their reading and writing skills, the Foundation instigated a Descriptive Writing Contest. They solicit the participation of high school students from around the country to enter their writing contest. Three winners are selected each year. The writer of the essay or short story best capturing the spirit of Jack London and judged to be most meritorious receives $2000.00. The second place winner receives $1000.00 and the third place winner receives $500.00. The primary funding for the Jack London Foundation's activities is generated via an annual auction of donated materials.

We are truly indebted to the late Executive Director and co-founder of the Jack London Foundation, Winifred Kingman, "Winnie" for permission to use material from her late husband Russ Kingman's book, A Pictorial Biography of Jack London. In this illustrated biography, Russ Kingman recounts the events of London's life, drawing on better than ten years of his research and study of original documents and letters from the author's estate, and presenting for the reader a large number of rare photographs, many of which have not appeared in print before.

Our Memberships and Affiliations

United Pentecostal Church, Bay Point, CA

  • "It is so simple a remedy, merely service. Not one ignoble thought or act is demanded of any one of all men and women in the world to make fair the world. The call is for nobility of thinking, nobility of doing. The call is for service, and, such is the wholesomeness of it, he who serves all, best serves himself"
– Jack London

Jack London Foundation, Inc.

  • The Jack London Educational Research Foundation, Inc. was established in August 1976. It became a non-profit corporation registered in the state of California in December 1981. Originally, its purpose was to maintain source material and memorabilia, and to promote research activities of the life and work of Jack London. The Foundation has evolved through the years and now sponsors seminars, a Middle School Program, High School Writing Contests, and offers free assistance to writers, researchers, and others interested in Jack London, and to teachers requesting supplementary teaching materials.

  • Of extreme importance is the motivation of young people, especially, to read and to write, and to develop their skills in the Language Arts areas. The Foundation has discovered that those who read and study Jack London's life works, and times become inspired. Jack London is read worldwide more than any other American author — living or deceased — and is considered by many to be America's finest author. His work exemplifies traditional American values and captures the spirit of adventure and human interest. The Foundation members hail from countries all over the world. Currently, the Foundation's Headquarters is located at the residence of Rudy Ciuca, 1595 Denmark Street, Sonoma, California. Its mailing address is P.O. Box 337, Glen Ellen, CA 95442.

Jack London Society, Inc.

An international non-profit organization that promotes study of the life and works of Jack London through scholarly conferences and a newsletter. It is an affiliate of the American Literary Association. More details

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Jeanne Campbell Reesman Ph.D.Professor
Division of English, Classics, and Philosophy
San Antonio TX 78249-0643
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