The World of Jack London

Jack and Charmian's Typewriter

The Remington No.7 Typewriter

Every story, article and novel Jack London wrote from the Fall of 1904 to the time of his death in 1916 was typed on this typewriter. It also accompanied him on his trips aboard the Snark and Dirigo. [more photos]
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A Pictorial Life of Jack London

A major source of information for this web site has come from Russ Kingman's A Pictorial Life of Jack London. In this illustrated biography, Russ Kingman recounts the events of London's life, drawing on ten years of his research and study of original documents and letters from the author's estate, and presenting the reader with over 250 photographs and illustrations, many of which have not appeared in print before.

Biography has always held a special fascination for the reading public. In reading a biography we say to ourselves: "Here I am learning about a real human being, not an imaginary character such as appears in plays, novels, and short stories. This is real life." But it is not as easy as it may seem to present a picture of a real person on the printed page, but for Russ Kingman, it was a labor of love to research and publish.

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