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Jo Anne Sharpe
Jack London Newsletter
Index and Guide
Compiled by Jo Anne Sharpe
Copyright © 1996 by Jo Anne Sharpe

Jo Anne Sharpe compiled and published the Jack London Newsletter Index with Guide to the Index in 1996. The Newsletter was the primary source for scholarly papers on Jack London and related topics between 1967 to 1988. Lacking a wide distribution to individuals or libraries, a number of significant essays and reviews have gone unread and unused. Fortunately Sharpe gave us permission to post this incredible piece of work on The World of Jack London website. We consider her efforts to be a good thing for those doing research.

Sharpe's dedication reads:

To Hensley C. Woodbridge. Friend, Gentleman, Scholar Editor/Publisher of the Jack London Newsletter. 1967-1988

Woodbridge created and edited the Jack London Newsletter throughout its run. Here he reviews its development and significance.

This is an alphabetical listing of issue contents by both title and author.

An alphabetical listing by topic and authors, similar to a book index. Numbers point to article identification numbers in the Index proper, not page numbers.

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