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Corned Beef and Cabbage


Author of "The Log of the Snark," "Our Hawaii,"
"Islands and Islanders," and "The Book of Jack London."

Charmian LondonAlthough my aunt brought me up as a strict vegetarian, I plead to a carnal fondness for the favorite viand of McManus's "Father"—corned beef and cabbage. But listen how I prepare it:

Take a nice piece of lean corned brisket and boil it for three hours. If it is not over salted, the water need not be changed. Do not take it out of the boiling water, but let it stand awhile before lifting. Meanwhile, in another container gently boil young cabbages the size of two small fists, first cutting into quarters. Be sure not to boil too long and do not salt until a few moments before taking up. Cabbage treated delicately is as sweet and attractive as green peas. Place the beef upon a platter and set the quarters of cabbages wreathwise about it, each section of the vegetable being buttered at the last minute before serving. The success of the dish depends upon its being served piping hot.

Source: Favorite Recipes of Famous Women (Harper & Brothers, 1925).
We thank David Schlottmann for providing us with this recipe taken from his annually published booklet for the Jack London Foundation banquet, The Wolf '94 entitled, "What's Cookin'?"
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