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The World of Jack London

Jack London's Ladies

The following is a list of female characters found in short stories written by Jack London:
Female Character's NameShort Story
Minnie Ah LingWhen Alice Told Her Soul
Maud AinslieThe Proper Girlie
Alice AkanaWhen Alice Told Her Soul
Azalea AkauWhen Alice Told Her Soul
AlineIn The Time of Prince Charley
Stella Allendale (Mrs. Chun)Chun Ah Chun
Lucy ArgyleEyes of Asia
Margery ArgyleEyes of Asia
Netta ArgyleEyes of Asia
Mabel ArmitageA Lesson in Heraldry
Mrs. ArmitageA Lesson in Heraldry
Lucille ArralA Flutter in Eggs
Lucille ArralThe Town-Site of Tra-Lee
Ethel Baird-CarquinezWhen God Laughs
BalattaThe Red One
Ann BartellThe Enemy of all the World
Ida BartonThe Kanaka Surf
Bash-Wah-WanNam-Bok the Unveracious
Mrs. BehrendAloha Oe
Grace BenthamThe Priestly Prerogative
BerthaThe Proper Girlie
Mrs. Hanley BlackThe Kanaka Surf
Alice BlythEyes of Asia
Kitty Sharon BonnerThe Story of Jees Uck
Little Kitty BonnerThe Story of Jees Uck
Mrs. BoppTold in the Drooling Ward
Maud BrammaneThe Unmasking of a Cad
Mrs. BreckThe Meat
Mrs. Andy CarsonThe Little Man
Mrs. CaruthersUnder the Deck Awnings
Bella CasterOn the Makaloa Mat
Mrs. Chang LucyThe Tears of Ah Kim
Marie ChauvetFlush of Gold
Cherry (Priscilla)Eyes of Asia
Miss ChickeringThe Dream of Debs
Agatha ChildsThe Prodigal Father
ClaraChun Ah Chun
Mary CondonSouth of the Slot
Sara DackSamuel
The Dermott SistersAn Adventure in the Upper Sea
Mrs. DeVilleThe Leopard Man's Story
Beth DrexelWhose Business Is to Live
Mrs. Minnie DuncanBunches of Knuckles
Miss Clara Eastman (alias Bob Haliday)The Handsome Cabin Boy
El-SooThe Wit of Porportuk
Mrs. EndicottTold in the Drooling Ward
Mrs. EppingwellThe Scorn of Women
Mrs. EppingwellThe Wife of a King
Mrs. EppingwellThe Wisdom of the Trail
ErnestineThe Grilling of Loren Ellery
EsanetukA Hyperborean Brew
Li FaaThe Tears of Ah Kim
FlossieThe Scorn of Women
Deborah FurbushThe Rejuvenation of Major Rathbone
Elvira Miyahara Makaena Yin GapWhen Alice Told Her Soul
Joy GastellThe Little Man
Joy GastellThe Race for Number Three
Joy GastellThe Stampede to Squaw Creek
Joy GastellThe Taste of the Meat
Joy GastellWonder of Woman
Lilian GersdaleWhen the World Was Young
Mrs. GersdaleWhen the World Was Young
Myrtle GiddingsLi Wan, The Fair
Mrs. GiffordPoppy Cargo
Patty GiffordPoppy Cargo
Miss GivanThe Sun-Dog Trail
Mrs. GluckThe Enemy of all the World
Mrs. GrantlyPlanchette
GugklaThe Son of the Wolf
GundaLocal Color
HalieThe Story of Jees Uck
Miss HarrisonEyes of Asia
Temple HarrisonPoppy Cargo
Mrs. Alice HemingwayA Wicked Woman
Margaret HenanSamuel
HenriettaChun Ah Chun
HiwilaniShin Bones
Mrs. HodgkinsAloha Oe
Dora HolmesThe Faith of Men
Mabel HolmesThe Faith of Men
Hona AsiSakaicho, Hona Asi and Hakadaki
HooniahThe Master of Mystery
HoohiakThe Sickness of Lone Chief
IkeegaThe Story of Keesh
IkeeshThanksgiving on Slav Creek
IllihaNegore, The Coward
Mrs. InchkeepThe Kanaka Surf
IpsukukA Hyperborean Brew
Madge IrvineBrown Wolf
Jees UckThe Story of Jees Uck
JennieThe Apostate
JoanThe Hobo and the Fairy
Mrs. JohnsonBrown Wolf
Miss JonesTold in the Drooling Ward
Sarah JonesThe Hussy
JuanitaWhose Business Is to Live
KalaniweoThe Sheriff of Kona
KanakaoleEyes of Asia
KasaanThe Sickness of Lone Chief
KattouThe Marriage of Lit-Lit
Miss KelseyTold in the Drooling Ward
Miss KenilwoodEyes of Asia
Killismoo (Tilly)Siwash
Mrs. Lizzie KingA Piece of Steak
KittyThe End of the Chapter
KluktuA Hyperborean Brew
Eliza KunilioThe House of Pride
LabiskweeWonder of Woman
Mrs. Martha LandsdowneEyes of Asia
LashkaThe Faith of Men
LaskaThe Marriage of Lit-Lit
LaulaniShin Bones
LelemahoaShin Bones
LikeataThe Sunlanders
LiliuckalaniThe Water Baby
Loraine LisznayiThe Scorn of Women
Lit-LitThe Marriage of Lit-Lit
Lizzie LokendamperWhen Alice Told Her Soul
LorettaA Wicked Woman
LucilleChun Ah Chun
LucyThe Night-Born
Luella (Lute)The Grilling of Loren Ellery
Annie MacElrathThe Sea Farmer
MadelineThe Wife of a King
MaliaThe Bones of Kahekili
Merecades MartinezPoppy Cargo
MaryCreated He Them
MataaraThe Goat Man of Fuatino
MatildaPoppy Cargo
Edith MatthewsEyes of Asia
Nora MatthewsEyes of Asia
MaudChun Ah Chun
Susie MaydwellAloha Oe
Mrs. McDermottThe Fuzziness of Hoockla-Heen
Mrs. McFeeThe Scorn of Women
Mary MendanaWhen Alice Told Her Soul
MesahchieThe Sunlanders
Theresa "Tess" MessnerA Day's Lodging
Lucy MokunuiGood-By Jack
Joy MolineauA Daughter of the Aurora
Freda MoloofThe Scorn of Women
Mrs. MorganWhose Business Is to Live
Mother Sarah MortimerEyes of Asia
MoyriThe Son of the Wolf
Tillie NaonsWhen Alice Told Her Soul
NaumooThe Goat Man of Fuatino
NauriThe House of Mapuhi
Edith (Whittlesey) NelsonThe Unexpected
NgakuraThe House of Mapuhi
Dora NilesThe Kanaka Surf
OkiakutaThe Sickness of Lone Chief
OlillieThe Story of Jees Uck
OonaNegore, The Coward
PapaShin Bones
Armada ParlayThe Pearls of Parlay
Alice PartingtonYellow Handkerchief
Mrs. Neil PartingtonYellow Handkerchief
PassukGrit of Women
Mrs. PattersonThe Kanaka Surf
Mrs. Lucy PeabodyThe Man on the Other Bank
PischetThe Son of the Wolf
Mrs. PoepoeWhen Alice Told Her Soul
Pow-Wah-KaanLiWan, The Fair
Mrs. RaffyAn Account with Swithin Hall
Mrs. Alma RasmunsenThe One Thousand Dozen
Clara RossSamuel
Mrs. RossSamuel
RuthThe White Silence
Dorothy SambrookeAloha Oe
Mrs. SaundersIn The Time of Prince Charley
Karen SaytherThe Great Interrogation
Annie ScandwellOn the Makaloa Mat
Margaret ScandwellOn the Makaloa Mat
Martha ScandwellOn the Makaloa Mat
SeenatahThe Sickness of Lone Chief
SenatseThe Marriage of Lit-Lit
Mary SathlyThe Mexican
Mrs. SetliffeTo Kill a Man
Elizabeth ShepstoneThe Enemy of all the World
Laura SibleyThe Mistake of Creation
SipsuWhere the Trail Forks
Mrs. SpillaneThe Banks of the Sacramento
Emily SouthwaiteIn the Forests of the North
Mrs. StantonAloha Oe
Mrs. StockardThe God of His Fathers
Lute StoryPlanchette
Madge StrangThe End of the Story
Miss StrikerTold in the Drooling Ward
Sun-neNegore, The Coward
Su-SuKeesh, Son of Keesh
Irene TackleyThe Enemy of all the World
Mrs. Tai FuThe Tears of Ah Kim
Mary TarwaterLike Argus of the Ancient Times
TefaraThe House of Mapuhi
ThomIn the Forests of the North
Nella TichborneThanksgiving on Slav Creek
Annie Tarwater ToppingLike Argus of the Ancient Times
Mary TraversBy the Turtles of Tasman
Polly Travers (Bronislawa Plaskoweitzkaia)By the Turtles of Tasman
Emily TravisThe League of the Old Men
Molly TravisSiwash
Yu TsinEyes of Asia
TukeliketaA Hyperborean Brew
TukesanThe Story of Jees Uck
UngaGrit of Women
UngaAn Odyssey of the North
VahnaThe Hussy
Maria VenzuelaThe Madness of John Harned
Doris Van BenschotanThe Shadow and the Flash
Catherine Van VorstSouth of the Slot
Mrs. Evelyn Van WyckLi Wan, The Fair
Li WanLi Wan, The Fair
WanidaniThe Marriage of Lit-Lit
Clara WheelwrightEyes of Asia
Edith WheelwrightEyes of Asia
Mrs. WheelwrightEyes of Asia
WinapieThe Great Interrogation
Edna WymanAmateur Night
Letty WymanAmateur Night
ZarinskaThe Son of the Wolf
ZillaThe White Man's Way
ZimbaThe Story of Jees Uck
ZiskaKeesh, Son of Keesh
Source: Hensley, Dennis E., Jack London Echos. Vol. 3 No. 1, January 1983
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