The World of Jack London

Jack London Led A Busy – Active Life

  • Farm boy at age of seven
  • At age 10 sold newspapers on the street
  • Worked on an ice wagon
  • Worked in a bowling alley
  • Worked in a cannery
  • At fifteen bought The Razzle-Dazzle became an oyster pirate
  • Became a member of the Fish Patrol
  • Spent 7 months at sea on a three-masted sealer
  • Worked in a jute mill
  • Worked in a laundry
  • Shoveled coal for Oakland electric railway power plant
  • Worked as a roustabout
  • Tramped across country
  • Thrown in prison 30 days hard labor at Niagara Falls
  • Attended Oakland High School while working as a janitor
  • Became known as Oakland's "Boy Socialist" at nineteen
  • Attended University of California at Berkeley
  • Sailed on Umatilla to the Klondike gold rush
  • Called "American Kipling" at twenty-four
  • Renown author, social crusader, journalist, world traveler and correspondent at thirty-one
  • Prizewinning stockbreeder – scientific farmer at thirty-five
  • Self-made millionaire by the time of his death at forty
Jack left school at age eleven, he then worked at a wide range of jobs. At the age of 19 he returned to school, realizing it was far easier to sell his brain rather than continue to be a "work beast".

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